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Ovarian Cancer- It Whispers, So Listen

December 3, 2008

Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death for all women of cancer. Almost 80% of those treated for cancer of the ovaries is a regression. At the risk of death within the first five years of treatment is almost 50%, irrespective of the stage 2.3, or 4th The statistics are firm in the truth of your life. I survived cancer of the ovaries.

One reason ovarian cancer is so severe because it is hard up. Often, from the time it is diagnosed, and cancer has spread to other parts of the body. No reliable screening for cancer in the ovary, since the detection of breast cancer and cervical cancer. This can only be found through analysis of ob / GYN. It is therefore important for all women to work for the annual exams. There is information about types of cancer

There is a tumor marker, CA-125, the blood of May show the presence of cancer of the ovaries. It is not used as a screening process, because it is not sufficiently reliable. However, in cases where women with high risk, the CA-125 score can be used for a national alert for further investigation.

A woman is the worst nightmare is the evaluation of cancer. However, early detection is the best way to prevent the spread of cancer and growing. Care of yourself and take time for your annual exam. It may save your life.